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Monday, December 25, 2017


The pilot film for the TV show.

This TV movie stars Jason Evers as Michael Cannon, a lawyer who leaves his law firm to become a director of a place called Neighborhood Law Office. The NLO helps people who cannot afford a regular lawyer.

Cannon guides law students who take on the cases for the clients. The students include Aaron Silverman (Zalman King), David Harrison (Tom Holland), and Ann Walters (Judy Pace).

The case they have in this film involves two men accused of beating and robbing a Boston cabbie played by Keenan Wynn. All three try and get the much needed evidence to prove their two clients innocent.

I like the structure of this film and the interesting drama set in a time when I was very young, but remember well what was happening in the world. Of course I admit I also like Judy Pace, and she is the main reason I bought this movie and the TV series.

The pilot movie in this review did well enough to convince ABC to launch a series which ran for 26 episodes from Sept. of 1969 to March of 1970. I firmly believe that the show would have lasted a while longer if it had not been put on after Monday Night Football on ABC.

The rest of the cast for this good little drama includes Michael Parks, Anjanette Comer, James Shigeta, Barry Atwater, George Stanford Brown, and Richard Pryor as one of the men accused of robbing the cabbie.

Everyone who reads this blog knows of my love for Judy Pace, and as I watch every episode I will drool a little and enjoy a show with one of the sexiest women ever to grace a small or big screen.

One quick trivia note: The movie started filming 4 days after about 30 inches of snow fell in Boston, and you can really see the snow piled up everywhere and the actors have trouble going down the sidewalks as there isn't much room to walk with all the snow everywhere.

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