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Thursday, January 25, 2018


An Anthony Dawson classic.

Reb Brown stars as Yor, a young prehistoric warrior who doesn't know his own past. He sets about to find it and becomes involved in many bizarre adventures.

After saving the life of a young woman named Kalaa, the woman and her father help Yor discover his past. Kalaa immediately falls in love with Yor. There are some great little set pieces in here including battles with weird looking dinosaurs, clan of cavemen who resemble apes and lastly a futuristic world run by an evil "Overlord" (John Steiner).

Director Anthony Dawson is actually Antonio Margheriti, and while a lot of US horror fans know his name, most associate his name with this film. Why? Well it could be that an entire generation of people got to see this on VHS and it got more exposure than his other works, at least at the time.

Whatever the reason, it really doesn't matter as this is one damn fun film. You have great locations, the acting is good. You have sexy cave women like Corinne Clery as Kalaa and to me she is actually one of the sexiest women to ever grace the silver screen. I was first introduced to her in "The Story Of O" back in the day. You also have a plot that is one of the most bizarre ever conceived and it moves at a good pace. Once the movie starts it never slows down.

Mill Creek has given us the 35th anniversary edition Blu-ray and it's beautiful. For under 10 bucks you too can own this little 80's gem that has a huge following. Hell Corinne Clery in hardly any clothing makes it all worth while to me anyway. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RELEASE!!

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