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Saturday, February 20, 2021


I haven't seen this film since the early VHS days when I picked it up at K Mart for 5 bucks.

Glenn Morris stars as Tarzan who tracks a small expidition and tries to protect a young woman named Eleanor (Eleanor Holm). She has a rather wimpy boyfriend and their relationship is on the rocks.

Adding to this problem is a native named Ben Alleu Bey (C. Henry Gordon) who wants to add Eleanor to his 100 wife harem. There are many adventures and Tarzan frees all of the animals the expidition has captured.

Tarzan and Eleanor meet and she is rather taken with his ways and by the end of the film Bey is taken down a peg or two and Eleanor stays with the jungle man.

Not too bad of a film for the time. The rest of the cast includes George Barbier, Hedda Hopper and Joe Sawyer. If you're a Tarzan fan you'll want to see this if you haven't already. It's available from every PD company making DVD's today.

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