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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Once again the Asylum has turned out what I consider to be a fantastic movie. I will watch anything with Carmen Electra, and watching her in a horror film was a double treat for me. She and several other young people including Charlie O' Connell and the sexy as hell Brooke Hogan are stuck on a small atoll after their boat breaks down.
Unknown to them a giant two headed shark is stalking them and also trying to sink the atoll!! The shark is a little scary and even though the CGI effects are not up to par, they are still entertaining. This movie never is boring and there are so damn many great looking women in this film you won't care.
Director Chris Olen Ray is the son of Fred Olen Ray and he had learned his craft well. Without giving too much away I would like to say O' Connell is the luckiest man in the movie, and when you see him in a certain scene with Carmen you'll know what I am talking about.
Now if i could only get Carmen and Brooke in my next film!! Very Highly Recommended!!


  1. I ordered my copy of "2 Headed Shark Attack" from Asylum the day it became available on their website. This is really their funnest work yet!


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