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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Great AIP film from the 1950's with Joan Taylor as a young woman sent to jail for her part in a $38,000 theft. While in jail she meets some of the other inmates and they are very interested in where she has hidden the money.
Richard Denning is a Minister who tries to help her and the other inmates are Adele Jergens, Phyllis Coates and Laurie Mitchell. Lance Fuller is Taylor's crime partner who works with her father in an attempt to find the hidden money.
Lots of fun and a climactic earthquale escape from prison all make this a gem from a time gone by, and not to mention it's directed by a favorite genre director of mine, Edward L. Cahn. Recommended!!


  1. It's not bad as far as Women in Prison movies go - but you have to admit that that earthquake escape was bad deus-ex-machina.

  2. I do admit it was very contrived, but I forgive all low budget films for that. I will never forgive ANY modern day piece of crap that costs 300 million dollars for doing the same thing, and they all do.


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