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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Gorgeous Suzanna Love stars in this film about a young woman, who as a girl witnessed the murder of her mother's abusive boyfriend in a mirror and then 20 years later finds the spirit of the man is still after her and his demonic spirit lives in a mirror.
John Carradine is her shrink and he tries to convince her it is in her mind, but soon all hell breaks loose on the ranch where the woman lives with some of her relatives and husband and their child as well as her mute brother.
This is a well made and sometimes gory shocker from director Ulli Lommel who happend to be married to Love and she actually produced most of Ulli's movies.
A well  made shocker that I recommend for any horror fan.

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  1. The rare Ulli Lommel movie that is actually watchable. Lately Lommel has become one of the worst directors ever.


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