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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Richard Carlson stars in this great little sci-fi film from Ivan Tors. A scientists creates a new element that must feed on power every 11 hours. It continues to grow and grow at an alarming rate.
Carlson and his assistant played by King Donovan attempt to stop the "monster" as they track it across the city of Los Angeles and finally onto an airplane in flight. It seems the scientist who created it has it with him and is trying to get rid of it somehow.
Lots of fast action and scientific jargon and just plain loads of fun. Tors was the man responsible for such TV shows as Flipper and this is one of three films featuring the OSI, Office of Scientific Investigation. The others are Riders To The Stars and Gog.
If you like well acted and well written movies, then this little sci-fi gem is for you. Once again Sinister Cinema has come thru. They always have top notch product and I highly recommend them.

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