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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The first film released by American Releasing Corporation, soon to become American International Pictures.

Roger Corman directed this neat little western and I like this film a lot.

Joan Taylor, looking sexy as hell stars as Anne LeBeau a half Indian half white woman living with her brother. There has been a lot of trouble in the area lately with the Indians and the town is in an uproar.

Anne is targeted with hatred by the white people and this is no better shown than in the opening scene where she has a knife fight with a cowboy (Jonathan Haze). The government sends in a special investigator named Rex Moffett (Lloyd Bridges) and he immediately falls for Anne.

There are a lot of great little scenes in this film, but I have to say that Lance Fuller as Armand LeBeau steals the entire show. He is Anne's brother and is actually the one inciting the problems between Indians and the white people. His performance is subtle until the end when he really cuts loose.

Fuller is perfect as the insane man who will destroy everything he loves for the sake of his inner hatred of white people.

This is a hard to find western. It was released on VHS many years ago on the Columbia/Tri Star label. The print I have is in Black and White even though it says on the credits it was made in pathecolor. I think I prefer it in Black and White anyway.

The rest of the cast includes many Corman regulars such as Dick Miller, Paul Birch, Paul Dubov and Chester Conklin. Alex Gordon produced this gem. Recommended for Corman and western fans.

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