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Friday, April 21, 2017


Finely made film noir/crime drama.

The title is very explanatory as to what happens in the film.

The convicts is a prison are tired of mistreatment and go on a violent rampage while taking several guards prisoner.

The film was the creation of producer Walter Wager after he got out of prison for shooting a man he believed was having an affair with his wife.

It's a gripping film that starts right off and never lets up for a moment. The leaders of the uprising are James Dunn (Neville Brand) and "Crazy" Mike Carnie (Leo Gordon).

It's a very brutal look at prison life and all of the performers are top notch. Criterion has turned out an excellent print of the film that is well worth seeking out.

The cast includes Frank Faylen as the police commissioner, Paul Frees, Whit Bissell, Alvy Moore, Dabbs Greer, William Schallert, and Robert Osterloh.

A great, hard hitting drama that every film fan should see.

Wager got Don Siegel to direct and that was, of course and excellent choice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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