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Monday, April 10, 2017


Another fine Amicus anthology film, and it arrives on Blu-ray.

Burgess Meredith stars as Dr. Diablo who runs a carnival sideshow. There are four tales of terror told in this film, and they are quite bizarre.

They include Humanoid robots, Edgar Allen Poe, A cat that eats human heads and controls minds and a killer piano!! I enjoyed all of these tales.

I reviewed this a few years ago and was surprised to see it arrive on Blu-ray. It looks fantastic and should be in your collection.

The cast for this film also includes Robert Hutton, Jack Palance (excellent as a deranged Poe collector), Peter Cushing, Beverly Adams, Barbara Ewing, Michael Ripper and Ursula Howells.

This is one of three beautiful Blu-ray presentations from Mill Creek on a set entitled PSYCHO CIRCUS. The others on the set are 'BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN and THE CREEPING FLESH. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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