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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Rare little AIP film.

Richard Bakalyan gets a starring role as Charlie, a member of a US paratroop group during WW2 that accidentally shoots one of his own men who was wearing a Nazi uniform at the time.

Through the rest of the campaign Charlie is met with much animosity by his fellow troops. He finally proves himself during a courageous attempt to get across a mined road in Salerno.

This is a very low budget character study of men under the stress of war as well as trusting one another. It's a fun little film that delves deeply into human emotion, more than one would expect from such a production.

I wish films like this were available on DVD or Blu for more people to see. The rest of the cast includes Ken Lynch, Jack Hogan, Jimmy Murphy and Carolyn Hughes. The director was serial vet Bill Whitney.

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