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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Another classic Italian giallo comes to Blu-ray.

Great film about two sisters who inherit a castle after their father dies. The women are Kitty (gorgeous Barbara Bouchet) and Franziska (Marina Malfatti).

They learn of a mysterious curse in which a dark haired woman in a red cape will kill seven people. As if this isn't mysterious enough, it gets even more bizarre when the woman actually shows up and starts a string of violent killings.

The back drop of this story is set in the world of high fashion in which Kitty works as a photographer. Kitty has a very dark secret of her own involving the accidental killing of her other sibling years before. Could the crazed woman who is slashing people to death be her long thought dead sister?

Director Emilio Miraglia adds plenty of twists and turns in this finely crafted film that has plenty of beautiful women and vicious murders.

The Blu-ray presentation is excellent and I have never seen the film look or sound so good. Bouchet is sexy as hell and her co-star Malfatti is very easy on the eyes. The other cast members include Sybil Danning and Ugo Paplial.

I am not going to reveal too much here because I believe everyone should see this film and I don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't seen it.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND FILM loaded with extras and interviews with some cast members, trailers and much more. Thanks to Arrow for making this available.

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