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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Not too bad of a western.

One of the last films for star Alan Ladd.

Ladd is Jim Hadley, the leader of a group of loggers who are met with hostility in a small mountain community.

Hadley's partner is Monty Walker (Gilbert Roland)and he is far more hot headed than Hadley when it comes to dealing with the townsfolk who fear that cutting down all the trees will cause mudslides when is rain and wash out the town.

Laura Riley (Jeannie Crane) is the leader of the townspeople and ranchers and she and Ladd start to fall for each other. The conflicts continue to escalate until there is a raging fire which climaxes the film.

As I said, this isn't too bad of a film, but it isn't a good one either. Frankie Avalon is making his big screen debut here and his two songs really don't add anything to the film and Ladd's daughter Alana appears as the love interest for the Avalon character, and even that doesn't go very far.

The photography is lush and beautiful and the rest of the cast includes Lyle Bettger, Noah Beery, Jr., Regis Toomey and Johnny Seven. The film was written by Louis L' Amour and based on his story.

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