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Friday, September 14, 2018


An underrated film by any standard.

Rockne Tarkington stars as Samson, a black man running a topless bar and at the same time fighting to keep the drugs and worse out of his neighborhood.

A vicious gangster named Johnny Nappa (Flawlessly played by William Smith) tries to move in on Samson's territory and soon the fight is on. Nappa tries everything he can, but he cannot get Samson to co-operate.

Samson's beautiful girlfriend, Leslie (Carol Speed) tries to convince Samson that maybe he should just leave and not enter into all of the hassles that going against Nappa is going to bring. Samson refuses and reluctantly Leslie goes along.

As things escalate Leslie is kidnapped and tortured by Nappas' goons and the final showdown is set.

This is an interesting film on many, many levels. Tarkington plays Samson, a topless bar owner with a per lion and a huge pimp stick as a very low key and patient man. Many have complained that this hampers the film, but it's actually perfect next to the insanity seen in the Johnny Nappa character.

Smith easily steals the film. His character of Johnny Nappa is a sadistic hothead that beats and almost kills his gorgeous blonde girlfriend and kills his own men if they fail to get rid of Samson.

It's always good to see Carol Speed in any film. A beautiful lady who never fails to impress when I see her in a film. The rest of the cast includes gorgeous Connie Strickland as Nappas' girlfriend. She had a very short career which lasted about 5 years in front of the camera and she did a lot behind the scenes in later years, but who can ever forget her in films like this and Playboy magazine. Others in the cast are Michael Payne, Nick Dimitri, Napoleon Whiting and Titos Vandis as Nappa's boss who cannot even control the madman.

I would recommend this to any blaxploitation or action fan. If you haven't seen it, you should.

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