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Thursday, September 13, 2018


This is another film I wrote one small paragraph about when I started this blog in 2010. I received the DVD containing this and three other black action films, so I am going into a little more detail about these films.

Some claim this is a sequel to Black Belt Jones as Jim Kelly returns as a character named Jones, but if I recall, nobody ever calls him Black Belt as in the previous movie.

This action/comedy film centers around a small group of people who are sent to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an ambassador. The woman, June Dunbar (Judy Brown) is being held deep in a Thai jungle by a warlord who is trying to force the ambassador to withdraw a certain military plan which will endanger his business.

Jones and his partner Johnny Chicago (Geoffrey Binney) arrive and team up with a lovely police woman named Pam Varaje (Irene Tsu) and Leonardo Pizzarelli (George Memmoli). The four get the job done, but Jones thinks everything was too easy and that something isn't right. Turns out that the war lord, Carter Rangoon (Sam Hiona) has sent a woman with them that looks exactly like June.

There are a lot of kung fu fights and I really enjoyed watching Tsu do her stuff. This is a strange mixture of action and comedy. The comedy mostly doesn't work, but it does get a chuckle from me every now and then.

The cast is what really gets me and they are probably the reason I like the film so much. Kelly is always a favorite, but beautiful Judy Brown has always been a favorite since I saw her in a few WIP films including "Big Doll House" and Irene Tsu has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. I fell in love with her after I saw her in "Women Of The Prehistoric Planet".

This is a hard film to put into any one category, but I can say it's probably the least "black" black action film I have ever seen. Oh well, a little gem that you might like if you give it a chance.

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