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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I really enjoyed this little gem.

Ross Hagen stars as Mike Harbor, an insurance investigator for Lloyds Of London who is hired to find out the location of a star athlete who has been kidnapped.

The investigation leads him to an exotic island owned by Dr. Tsu (Nancy Kwan), an incredibly beautiful surgeon with an all female army. It seems Dr. Tsu has perfected every kind of body transplant possible and now makes billions off of super rich clients who want immortality.

For these perfect body parts she has her female followers kidnap athletes and others in top physical condition. Will Harbor manage to save the day and rescue the missing sports figure or will the lovely women manage to kill him?

For me anyway this film has it all...action, adventure, gun play, great chases and, of course, beautiful women...lots of them. I have always thought that actresses of the 70's were the best looking women in motion picture history, and this film gives you plenty of them. Along with the gorgeous Filipino women as extras in Tsu's army we also have Roberta Collins, Maria De Aragon, Shirley Washington, Robyn Hilton, Marilyn Joi and Leslie McRay.

Nancy Kwan has always been a favorite of mine and seeing her in this film is a real treat. She is always good and here she gets a chance to ham it up a bit which she does to perfection. The rest of the top notch cast includes Sid Haig, Vic Diaz and Tony Lorea.

Director Robert Vincent O' Neill is spot on with this great little feature. This stunning Blu-ray/DVD combo pack looks great and it also contains the European version of the movie which is the only version to watch as it is 8 minutes longer than the US cut. The print is fabulous looking and the vibrant colors really come out.

This is a highly recommended Blu-ray for your collection.

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