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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Strange little film.

Dean Jagger stars in this film from the team of Victor and Edward Halperin who also helmed the Bela Lugosi classic "White Zombie".

Jagger is Armand Louque, a man who learns the secret of mind control and making people into "zombies" who will do anything including kill simply by thought control.

There are a lot of close ups of what are supposed to be the eyes of Jagger as he controls people, but in reality they are the eyes of Bela Lugosi from the Halperin brothers biggest film ever, "White Zombie".

This is a slow moving film that even though it's on every PD set ever made, it's still rather obscure. The one shot in the film that is the most memorable is when the zombiefied soldiers are being shot at but still keep coming.

I am sure you have seen this movie if you're a horror fan, and while I wasn't disappointed with it, I wish it had been much better.

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