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Thursday, September 20, 2018


A film noir in color.

Robert Taylor is Thomas Farrell a top Chicago lawyer who works for the top mobster named Rico Angelo. Farrell is always getting Rico's men out of murder raps simply by outwitting the juries.

He is also a very bitter and lonely man who wants more out of life than the human sewage he deals with. Along comes beautiful dancer Vicki Gaye played by gorgeous Cyd Charisse and Farrell finds a reason to live again.

Vicki finally gets Farrell to have his crippled hip fixed and get out of the mob life forever. This doesn't sit well with Rico and he blackmails Thomas into staying on.

Things get out of hand as the killings increase in Chicago due to tension between the crime families and the attempts of the Government to get indictments against the mobsters. Rico and Farrell finally meets in a spectacular showdown involving bullets and acid.

Lee J. Cobb plays Rico Angelo in a way that always makes me think of Al Capone and that's fine with me. The rest of the cast also includes John Ireland, Kent Smith, Myrna Hansen and David Opatoshu. Recommended.

This review is verbatim of the review I did of this film in 2016 from a TCM viewing. The only thing I can add to this is that the DVD is a beautiful widescreen print, and a MUST for film noir fans.

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