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Sunday, September 23, 2018


The Queen Of Outer Space has passed away.

Mitchell's career started in 1954 and lasted almost 20 years. She appeared in many, many TV shows including "Man Behind The Badge","Adventures Of Superman", "Hawaiian Eye" and "Bonanza".

The beautiful actress also made a lot of movies including several of my favorites like "Missile To The Moon", "Gunfight At Comanche Creek" and "Attack Of The Puppet People". However her most famous role was that of Queen Yilana in the wonderful 1958 sci-fi film "Queen Of Outer Space".

She retired from acting in 1971 and only recently has she been "re-discovered " by her fans and had done numerous interviews and appearances at some conventions. Laurie was a very appealing woman and had a lot of fun during her career.

She recently had her 90th birthday in Las Vegas. She passed away Sept. 22, 2018. RIP Queen, you had a great run.

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