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Sunday, December 25, 2022


Yet another film it took over 4 decades for me to see again.

This is a very cool, low key horror film shot in North Carolina.

Earl Owensby stars as Colin Glasgow, a man returnng to his family estate for the funeral of his father. Little does he know that a couple of family members as well as a minister want him there so he can be next in line for a family curse.

During the cycle of the full moon Colin becomes a werewolf that rips people apart in the town. The werewolf makeup reminds me of Paul naschy films, and it is very good.

I have read a lot of negative things about this movie, but personally I enjoyed it a lot. No, there isn't a lot of action but there is a very good story with pathos and feeling.

Owensby made a srting of low budget action and horror films in North Caroline during the late 70's and early 80's and I believe he did very well considering he had hardly any money to work with.

The cast does a good job with the material and that includes Kristina Reynolds, Sid Rancer, Ed Grady and Maggis Lauterer. The print is very good and if you like regional horror you must check this one out.

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