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Thursday, December 1, 2022


An obscure film I hadn't seen in many years.

The story opens with an American clipper ship being attacked by pirates. The ship manages to out run the pirates, but one of the men, Kirkl Hamilton (James Arness) is injured and the clipper stops in Queensland and lets him off with a couple of other crew members so he can heal. Then the clipper resumes it's mission.

Hamilton meets and falls for a woman named Elaine (Kasey Rogers). The island is in fear of being raided by pirates so Hamilton devises a way for them to protect themselves.

The pirates do indeed attack and kidnap Elaine and her friend Nancy (Jane Harlan). Hamilton and his men pursue and overcome the pirates and rescue the women, but both ships are destroyed in the battle so Hamilton, Elaine, Nancy and a few others are fighting for survival on a small raft.

They find a small island to land on, but it is inhabited by giant prehistoric monsters. Will Hamilton and his friends survive? That is the burning question.

This is a mixture of action/adventure and sci-fi that director Norman Dawn pulls off pretty well. Arness is billed under is real name as James Aurness and this is, of course still very early in his career, but he does a great job and one can tell he was headed for much bigger things.

I enjoyed this 63 minute time waster, and you might to.

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