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Saturday, December 24, 2022


This is the second in the long line of Turkish Tarken films.

One of the most enjoyable films I have seen in a long time! There is non stop action for almost 90 minutes, colorful costumes, beautiful women, monsters and lots of swordfights.

A lone hero, Tarken (Kartal Tibet) and his two faithful dogs are attacked by a band of vicious vikings led by Toro (Bilal Inci). One of Tarken's dogs is killed and he is seriously injured.

His other dog nurses him back tp health and Tarken vows vengeance on Toro and his army as well as any other vikings he encounters. The vikings meanwhile have kidnapped all of the beautiful women of the village and plan on using them as sacrifices to a God which just happens to be a giant octopus!

The evil vikings subject the women to many tortures. At first Toro is assisted in his evil ways by a beautiful Chinese woman named Lotus (Seher Seniz) but she also turns on him for her own reasons.

Soon Tarken catches up with Toro and we get a very unforgettable climax. Man oh man, they simply do not make movies like this anymore, and that is very sad. In 90 minutes, this movie packs more action and adventure into that time frame than any American movie that runs twicw as long.

Granted, Turkish cinema isn't for everyone, but I wish more people would give them a try, but sadly American filmgoers only want Marvel superhero slop. Tis film has it all including some suprising nudity. There isn;t a bad looking female in the cast and most of them are fully involved in all the violence when not being tortured by the evil men.

I can't recommend this enough and Eva Bender is a total knockout as a viking woman named Ursula. SEE THIS FILM!! Tghe print from Sinister is beautiful and subtitled.

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