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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


This professional wrestling series debuted on VICE in October of this year and no wrestling fan should pass it up.

I know from experience that these stories are very real and some will no doubt shock the average viewer.

Back in the good old days wrestling was broken into seceral territories thru the US. You had the Pacific Northwest, Mid Atlantic, Southern Wrestling, AWA in Minnesota and a few more.

This show is a fascinating look at how it was back when the business was more of a sport and very secretive. Thru this series you'll hear wild but true stories such as fans attempting to kill certain wrestlers, people losing their eye in the ring, cars being set on fire and just how far these places would go to come up with new ideas.

These were fun years and even though you didn't make much money, it was well worth the effort to work the crowd and get the big cheer or boos.

I actually discovered this show in YouTube and have watched 6 or 7 of them. If you're a wrestling fan from the old days you're gonna want to see this show. This shows how things were before wrestling became "sports entertainment" and is now a sterile, nothing happening evironment with folks who have the personality of our current other words vegatables.

Find it, watch it and relive the glory days.

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