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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Oh my, what can I possibly add to this title?

This is a SYFY production, so you pretty much know what to expect.

A shark that is contaminated with radiation eats people and gives off a deadly radiation that may wipe out the entire west coast.

A beautiful female lifeguard fights tremendous odds to try and stop this mutant killer. Now I know this might sound good, but it really isn't.

I very rarely watch any SYFY movie these days, but I caught this early morning on a day off at a friends house and I may never be the same again. I know I tore apart "Gamera Vs. Viras" a few weeks ago and even that dreadful film was better than this.

The sad thing is this film failed to keep my attention and the story was boring. Some of the dialogue was eye popping including the such gems as "You look fat when you condescend". to which the heroine replies "Bitch".

Jeff Fahey and David Faustino star, but the highlight is the lead actress, Rachele Brooke Smith who is simply lovely and should be making better horror films.

If you happen to see this film, I am sorry. A $500,000 budget wasted in my opinion.

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