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Friday, September 1, 2017


A nifty remake of Donovan's Brain.

Freddie Francis directed this classic about a ruthless multimillionaire businessman who is killed in a plane explosion. A doctor, Peter Corrie (Peter Van Eyck)keeps the man's brain alive as part of a scientific experiment.

His assistant Dr. Frank Shears (Bernard Lee) is against the idea, but slowly comes to realize the medical implications. Before too long the brain begins to take over Corrie's mind and he starts acting like the millionaire and is soon investigating people to find out who set the bomb on the plane.

There is no limit to suspects and the "possessed" Corrie even commits murder to find the killer. The names have been changed a bit and the story isn't set in the USA, but the plot is still the same as the previous film.

This German/English co-production is well worth a look and has a very interesting ending if you pay close attention. A simple straightforward story well done. I hadn't seen this film since I owned the VHS tape from Thriller Video back in the 80's.

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