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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Ida Lupino, one of the best directors ever to work in Hollywood directed this interesting film about a sexual crime and it's aftermath.

Mala Powers stars as a young woman who is sexually assaulted while on her way home from work, and the trauma it causes in her life and those around her.

Her boyfriend and family try to help her but that pressure as well as that caused by the police during the investigation is too much and she flees her home town and goes to a small little community where she is befriended by a kindly priest, Rev. Bruce Ferguson (Tod Andrews).

Slowly she comes out of her shell until she is approached by a young man at a local dance and she nearly kills him after he attempts to kiss her.

This movie is expertly handled by Lupino and it deals quite well with the shattered lives of all involved. Powers performance is a good indicator of how her career would go. This was her screen debut and she does one hell of a job. The rest of the cast includes Robert Clarke, Raymond Bond and Roy Engel.

A great little film about a serious issue and if you get a chance to see this DO IT!!

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