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Monday, September 4, 2017


Gorgeous Tanya Roberts stars in this epic film that a lot of people hated when it first came out.

Based on the famous comic strip, Roberts looks fantastic in very little clothing and in some scenes totally naked, but that is getting away from the story.

Sheena's adoptive mother is accused of an assassination and Sheena must prove her innocence. A reporter Vic Casey (Ted Wass) decides to help Sheena and finds himself hunted as well.

Too many people dumped on this film and let's face it, it wasn't made to win any awards. it's just damn good fun for two hours. Roberts is perfect for the role and handles the acting chores just fine. The action sequences are very well done and fast paced.

I know people in the PC era cannot understand why a film that has two brief nude scenes can be rated PG, but believe it or not kiddies, there was a time in American history when men LIKED a beautiful, naked woman on the screen. Toay you couldn't make a film like this because men seem to not like beautiful actresses anymore.

This film is on DVD from Mill Creek along with 5 episodes of the 50's TV show also entitled "Sheena" and starring the beautiful Irish McCalla and the entire two season run of the syndicated show "Sheena Queen Of the Jungle" starring Gena Lee Nolin.

I will be reviewing these later, but you cannot go wrong with this set. Tanya Roberts, Irish McCalla and Gena Lee Nolin are three of the most beautiful women to ever put on a loin cloth.

The rest of the cast for this great action/adventure film includes Donovan Scott, Elizabeth Of Toro, France Zobda (whose death scene is unforgettable), and Clifton James. RECOMMENDED!!

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