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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Don Sharp directed this interesting Hammer film starring Christopher Lee.

This has always been considered an odd film for Hammer to tackle, but it's not too bad. I hadn't seen this film for years since I owned the VHS, and, of course, it's not available on DVD or Blu-ray here in the USA.

Lee stars as Raputin, a lowly monk who quickly rises to power in the Russian hierarchy to become a very powerful figure. After he cures an very sick and fevered woman in a small tavern he seduces another young woman, gets into a fight, chops off a man's hand and disappears.

Rasputin falls in love with a beautiful woman named Sonia (Barbara Shelley) and immediately puts her under his total control. Slowly thru mind control he works his way to power and a few people see that he must be stopped before others die.

Lee is perfect as Grigori Rasputin and he tackles the role with great energy. There has always been a lot of criticism of this film because it doesn't pay attention to the Russian politics of the day, but it really matters not. This is, after all, a movie, and yep it's a lot of fiction, but that is how it should be.

The rest of the cast includes Richard Pasco, Francis Matthews, Suzan Farmer and Josh Ackland. I am still waiting for this to come to Blu-ray in the USA.

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