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Monday, September 11, 2017


One of the best 50's TV shows.

I have seen many episodes of this show from various companies over the years and all have been of varying quality. There are five episodes available from Mill Creek on their Sheena set, and for the most part they are watchable.

The five episodes are "The Rival Queen", "The Leopard Men", "The Renegades", "The Sacred River" and "The Test". Irish McCalla played the jungle queen and she set the standard high from the get go.

She looks great in her leopard skin outfit and can handle any situation. I believe I read somewhere that some of the episodes of this show are lost and that really sucks. It ran for one season which is also a shame.

I was hoping someone would turn out all of these episodes someday on a remastered set. It was nice to see the five they have included here, but I can never get enough of Irish McCalla.

As I mentioned, there are other episodes from other companies, so if you want to see anymore, check em out. Highly recommended!!

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