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Saturday, September 30, 2017


It's that time of year once again.

October will be upon us tomorrow and that means Halloween is just around the corner. There is absolutely no shortage of things to watch on Blu-ray or DVD as this has been one hell of a year for interesting releases.

During October I will be reviewing some new horror films as well as visiting old friends for some recommended Halloween viewing. I am also starting to compile my list of the top releases of the year and usually I do the Top 50, this year I will probably do the Top 60 as there have been tons coming out, and still more to come before my cut off date.

I appreciate everyone who stops by and looks at the blog and those that leave comments as well. This is strictly a labor of love for cinema and a few other things and I am glad I can share that with a few others.

Just wanted to ask anyone who is having trouble accessing this blog to contact me and I will see what is going on. I have only heard from one person so far, and that problem is being worked on.


  1. October is great to watch only horror movies all month. Look forward to your blog to check out some recommendations.

  2. Well I hope you find some interesting things, and thanks for the comments and the views.


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