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Monday, September 28, 2020


It has been ten years since I saw this documentary and I had forgotten all about it.

This film explores the "underworld" of cinema and we hear from such people as John Landis, William Lustig, H.G. Lewis, Don Edmonds and many more about the background of these bizarre films.

Robert Forster narrates this piece and a lot of the clips are truely memorable. Every kind of film is covered here as it starts with the silent era and quickly moves to 30's exploitation films such as "Maniac", "Reefer Madness" and many others. Discussion of the Hayes Code is talked about and it's brought out that the code actually helped people like producer Kroger Babb and his line of films which included many films about VD, Sex and the birth of babies.

It also covers the growing Film Noir genre of the 40's which was a direct slap in the face to Hayes and his stupid code. As we move the 1950's Juvinile Delinquint films are talked about as well as monster movies. The real fun begins as they move to the 1960's and talk about the sadistic "roughies".

These films include such fare as the "Olga" films which are studies in sadism and bondage. I have seen these many times and, yes, I do enjoy them a lot. Trust me, it's a peculiar taste indeed. I have seen tons of these kinds of films I always enjoy them. In the 70's they discuss horror films and blaxploitation classics as well as Women In Prison, which is another of my favorite genres.

All in all, this is a great documentary of these kinds of films, and if you're a fan or just curious about them I would recommend this or maybe even say it's REQUIRED VIEWING.

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