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Saturday, September 12, 2020


Very strange but entertaining Spanish film from the mid 70's.

Frank Brana stars as a sailor whose ship is attacked by pirates and he manages to escape in a small life boat. During the opening credits we see his boat drifting to a tropical island whose exact location is never given.
Brana's character is Dan Robinson and he finds a small cave with some guns and other supplies from a ship that apparently sank near the island many years ago. Soon after he watches and sees a small tribe of me land on the island and engage in combat with a group of Amazon women who quickly kill the invaders.
Dan tries to stay hidden, but one day he is out hunting and he runs into Kilma (Eva Miller) and a fight ensues. She tries to kill him since her and her entire tribe are man hating killers, but he saves her life from a huge snake and both begin to realize they want each other.
This causes turmoil in the group of women until the original ship Dan was on sails to the island looking for water, and the pirates start looking for treasure. Only then do the women of the island help Dan to defeat them.
This is a very typical male fantasy film about gorgeous women on a deserted island, but, hey, there is nothing wrong with that. Brana is more than capable in the role of Dan, and Eva Miller is a knockout in her fur and leather gear.
This is only one of 4 films the lovely Miller ever did, and it is probably her best known role. She also played the same character in "Kilma Queen Of The Jungle" which I would love to see someday, if I can find it.
All in all not a bad film at all. It never seems to lag too much and you always have the women to ogle when things get a tad slow. The rest of the cast includes Claudia Gravy, Luis Induni, Veronica Miriel and Africa Mir.
The print from Sinister is very good considering that this film was only available on VHS way back in the day and the print was somewhat fuzzy. I can recommend this to adventure fans, Spanish cinema fans and of course, Eva Miller fans, of which there are quite a few from what I understand.

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