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Thursday, September 17, 2020


This is a very interesting Spaghetti western.

Robert Woods stars as "Black" Jack Murphey, an outlaw in the old west who is getting a gang together to rob a small bank in broad daylight.

He and the gang manage to pull off the robbery in a very cleaver fashion, but when it comes to dividing the money his gang turns on him and decide to take the money for themselves.

They torture Jack, steal the money and during this Jack's sister is raped and killed. He survives and goes on a very violent killing spree as he seeks the gang members out one by one.

The action plays out very quickly and the movie moves along at a slick pace that never lets up. Woods does a very good job as he switches from a cool and collected outlaw to a revenge seeking killer.

This was a very enjoyable film to watch and the quality wasn't bad, but as usual the print wasn't in widrescreen, but that is really of no importance. It's a good Italian western that fans of the genre should seek out. Who knows, you might like it as much as I did.

The rest of the cast includes Lucienne Bridou, Ric Battaglia and Mimmo Palmara.

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