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Sunday, September 20, 2020


The series returned for a third and final season. It had some very offbeat, but good episodes.

STRESSED ENVIRONMENT 9/30/90... A woman's 12 year experiment with rats proves to have most terrifying consequences.Carol Lynley stars.

MURRAY'S MONSTER 10/7/90... A man uses another man who can turn into a monster to kill his nagging wife.

BUG HOUSE 10/14/90... A woman stops by an old house to see her estranged sister and soon finds herself seduced by her very, very odd boyfriend. A great episode with a hell on an ending.

CELLMATES 10/21/90... A spoiled young man who killed a child in Mexico is put in a specil cell from which he is told he will never leave, no matter what.

OUTPOST 10/28/90... A female executive of a mining corporation visits a mining operation on another planet and gets more than she ever bargained for.

THE HOLE 11/4/90... During the Vietman war several men find themselves trapped in an endless maze of tunnels inhabited by the walking dead. One hell of an excellent episode!!

SMALL BLESSINGS 11/11/90... A very black comedy about a married couple and their cannibalistic, mutant baby.

SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT, 2 BITES 11/18/90... A young man named Kevin tries to convinve his friend that a local barbarshop is run by vampires.

THE YOUNG AND THE HEADLESS 11/25/90... A crippled surgeon takes the head of her ex husband and uses it in a very bizarre experiment.

THE WAITING GAME 12/9/90... Survivors of a nuclear war find that the army of walking dead now roaming the countryside is created by an evil force they had never expected. This is an excellent episode and not to be missed.

SIN SOP 12/9/90... An evangelical preacher uses a corpse to drain people of sin. A female reporter arrives to debunk his claim and things get a little out of hand.

A NEW WOMAN 12/16/90... A greedy woman tries to get her dying husband to give her the holdings on his businesses.

MALCOLM 12/23/90... A musician has a bizarre growth in his stomach, and what the doctors find is something they never expected.

HOUSEHOLD GODS 12/30/90... An independent woman with a child learns that even she cannot escape the invisible Gods who runs people's lives.

THE SPACE EATERS 1/6/91... Two men fight invaders from space who look like giant eyeballs. A great take off of 50's sci-fi films.

THE WAITING ROOM 1/13/91... John Saxon stars as a man who is haunted by a mysterious female ghost inhabiting a room in his house. This is another very interesting tale with a great ending.

LEAVINGS 1/20/91... Two New York cops try to explain to their tough as nails boss some of the very odd things they have seen on the nightshift. This episode builds slowly to a great climax.

DESIRABLE ALIEN 1/27/91... A Greek lothorio must find a way to pass his immigration test without his bizarre secret getting out. Deborah Harry stars.

A FACE FOR RADIO 2/3/91... Laura Brannigan stars as a woman who claims to have captured an alien invader on an all night talk show hosted by a sleazy radio host played by Morton Downey, Jr.

WEREWOLF OF HOLLYWOOD 2/10/91... A screenwriter plans to use information he has obtained for a script about a real werewolf loose in Hollywood. Good twist ending here.

TALK NICE TO ME 2/17/91... Ed Marinero stars as a man who is getting harrassing phone calles from a very evil woman who seems to know his every move.

HOSTILE TAKEOVER 2/24/91... A greedy executive tries to use voodoo to put people he doesn't like out of business. His plan backfires in the most incredible way. Great episode starring Pam Grier.

THE MAKER 4/18/91... A man meets a happy drunk who can create anything out of thin air. The only problem is is that everything has a small flaw in it.

THE MOVING FINGER 4/26/91... A man's life is disrupted by an incredibly long finger that reaches out of his sink. A very bizarre but satisfying episode basedon a Stephen King short story.

And that wraps it up for all three seasons of MONSTERS. All in all a very entertaining show and if you enjoyed "Tales From The Darkside" you'll no doubt enjoy this.

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