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Thursday, September 24, 2020


This is the sequel to "Dr. Who And The Daleks" and it is, to me anyway, a very good film.

Peter Cushing stars again as Dr. Who. This time he and his family consisting of his granddaughter Susan (Roberta Tovey), his assistant Louise (Jill Curzon) and a policeman named Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins) are transported to the furture of 2150.

Here they find the Daleks have invaded the Earth and are using slave labor to bring their plans to a head.

The Daleks are seeking to mine out core and actually take over the planet Earth and steer it closer to their own world so that they may inhabit it. This doesn't go over well with the good Dr.

There are a lot of great elements about this film including the garish color as in the previous film, but the Daleks steal the show one more time, and this time there are many more of them.

It's quite a sight seeing the London streets full of Daleks looking for humans to either enslave or exterminate. Eventually Dr. Who and a band of renagade Earth people defeat the Daleks by turning their own devices against them.

This is a fun film, and it never gets boring. I prefer this to the first one even though that film does have it's merits as well. The rest of the cast includes Andrew Keir, Ray Brooks, Roger Avon and Keith Marsh. I recommend this film for a good time on a Saturday afternoon.

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