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Friday, September 18, 2020


Super fun little B western directed by Yakima Canutt!!

Allan "Rocky" Lane stars as himself in this fast moving western from Republic Studios.

Allan's best friend is killed by a murderous ranch hand that has formed a gang to rustle cattle. The murdered man's name is Ken Rawlins (Jay Kirby) and soon his relative named Leslie Rawlins (Mildred Coles) is headed out west to take over the ranch.

Allan wants to find the killers so he switches place with Leslie and goes disguised as an Eastern dude.

Soon Allan is rounding up the killer and his gang one by one. There is plenty of comic moments between the real Leslie, now using the name of her housekeeper Agatha Scragg.

Crooked newspaper man Oliver Budge (Gene Roth) who is the mastermind behind the killings figures out that Allan is not who he said he was and neither is Leslie.

The final showdown is set up in grand style, as only Republic could do. The plot may sound a little convoluted in writing about it, but it's very simple and the movies runs only 59 minutes, so as you can guess, there is plenty of gunplay and fist fights.

I enjoyed this very much as it brings back memories of the Saturday afternoon matinee movies I used to enjoy so much. If you get a chance, and you're a fan of the genre, check it out. You could do a LOT worse.

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