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Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Peter Cushing stars as Dr. Who.

This very family friendly film concerns the Doctor and some members of his family traveling to a planet called Skaro via the TARDIS and helping a group of people living there fight off an invasion.

It seems that the panet suffered a neutron war and is about to be taken over by Daleks, a race of hostile aliens who cannot travel unless they are encased in robot bodies.

The Doctor, his daughter (Jennie Linden), her boyfriend Ian (Roy Castle) and his grandaughter Susan (Roberta Tovey) are captured by the Daleks and held in a huge city.

After a few attempts they manage to escape and help the people of Skaro launch a final war against the Daleks in hopes of getting their planet back. Needless to say the people of Skaro eventually win.

This is a very colorful film with minimal sets and an almost psychedelic feel to it. It actually seems like you are watching an episode of the original TV series, and for fans that isn't a bad thing at all.

Cushings portrayal of the Doctor is spot on, and very much like his performance in the film "Tales From The Crypt". The Daleks were easily the most popular aliens to ever appear on the TV series from the BBC.

I know this has been released on Blu-ray but I caught a beautiful print on TUBI and I can easily recommend this to Who fans and Cushing fans as well. It was followed by a sequel which I will be bringing here very soon.

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