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Saturday, November 28, 2020


A great erotic thriller from the early 90's.

Film Goddess Shannon Tweed stars in this mystery that I caught on streaming TV.

A young girl witnesses the death of her mother and thus starts this tale of twisted revenge and murder. Matt Roe stars as Jason, a scheming business man whose empire is growing at a rapid rate. He makes a business deal with Paul Avery (William Katt) and everything looks rosey.

Soon he hires a secretary nasmed Audrey (Shannon Tweed) and she and Paul become very slose friends. Both also come to realize that Jason is not all he is cracked up to be.

Audrey helps Paul and he starts looking into her past since he cannot figure out why she is so happy to help him. Audrey wanrs him not to look into her private life.

He discovers that she is seeking revenge on Jason because she was the little girl who saw him kill her mother and she wants nothing but total vengeance. Both of the destry Jason financially, but Audrey wants more. Soon the tangled web of deciet and murder comes full swing as Jason looses everything ands then goes to kill both Paul and Audrey.

This film has a surprising lack of nudity in it which was uncommon for these kinds of films, but none the less it makes for entertaining viewing. I will watch Shannon Tweed in anything and I found her to be one of the sexiest women ever to appear in front of a camera.

The plot moves along well and if you are a fan of this genre, you might like this film. I know I did. The rest of the cast imcludes Joseph Campanella and Stella Stevens.

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