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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


This is a rather obscure TV series and these are the only episodes I have been able to catch so far.

This show ran one season in 1955 and starred Edgar Buchanan as store keeper Roy Bean who is fed up with lawlessness in Lantry Texas, so he sets himelf up as a judge and brings law and order to the town.

There are only two episodes on the disc I saw these on, but they were both enjoyable.

One is entitled THE EYES OF TEXAS and involves two men trying to steal land from the Indians. They kill a beave and then the judge must find them in order to prevent an all out massacre.

The second episode if entitled SUNBURNT GOLD and in this episode the Judge goes after some men who have stolen gold coins and melt them down into nuggets so they can't be indentified.

Both a very well done and I know this show is streaming on Amazone Prime, but I haven't seen them yet. The show is in color which is kind of different for the time it was made.

I assume most people reading this have seen this show at one point or another, and if you're a westerns fan and haven't seen them you should. Buchanan always makde things fun to watch with his down home style.

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