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Friday, January 29, 2021


Took me forever to see this film.

This is a very strange film indeed.

An organization calling itself "Space Clean" has set up shop and is dedicated to stopping the exploration of space by any country in the world, Why? Well that isn't made too clear in the film.

The USA calls on the Panther Squad to clean up the mess. The Panther Squad is a group of scantily clad women led by a leather clad woman named Ilona played by the sumptuous Sybil Danning.

She is assisted by Frank Bramble (Jack Taylor) who really doesn't do anything in the film but look bored and I am assuming this is how his character is supposed to least I hope so. The fight scenes are some of the worst I have ever seen, especially when they women easily knock out an entire army with what looks to be little love tapes on the back of the neck.

You never want to take films like this very serious and that is a good thing as this film couldn't be taken on a serious note if it tried. The women all look very good and Sybil ALWAYS looks good, especially in leather, but the movie does drag a bit and comes to what seems like a very hurried conclusion.

It's not a bad time waster at 77 minutes and if you like Sybil you'll want to check it out anyway.

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