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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Pretty good action film starring Robert Ryan and Anthony Quinn.

Ryan plays Brad and Quinn is Tony. Both men are American divers hired to salavge a gold ship off of the coast of Jamaica.

Things start off fine, but then Brad gets involved with the beautiful owner of the first ship they hire to take them to the diving spot. Who can blame him. Terry (Mala Powers) would win anybody over, but this doesn't sit well with Tony.

Tony gets mixed up with criminals who also want the gold and this puts him at odds with Brad.

The climactic underwater earthquake and subsequent rescue is very well done. Directed by Budd Boetticher, this film moves along at a nice pace and the actors are very good.

I always enjoy seeing Mala Powers in anything and she is really great in this little adventure film. The rest of the cast includes Woody Strode and Suzan Ball.

It's a great color adventure film that if you're a fan you should enjoy. No, the print on Tubi isn't re-mastered, but hey that doesn't mean the film isn't good.

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