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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Very odd Jean Rollins film, but then what would you expect from him.

A couple on their honeymoon decide to stay at a castle. Sandra Julien is Isa a young bride who wants to stop at the castle to see her cousins, whom she hasn't seen in years. Her new husband Antoine (Jean-Marie Durand) agrees.

Upon stopping they are met by two beautiful women with no names. They are played by Kuelan Herce and the always sexy Marie-Pierre Castel. They tell Isa that her cousins were killed but still live.

It soon becomes apparent that the castle in inhabited by vampires of which her cousins have become. What follows is typical Rollins bizarre set pieces and camera angles.

The vampires are led by a woman named Isolde (Dominique) and they all was Isa to join them. Antoine tries to fight to keep his beautiful bride with him, but he fails at every attempt.

Finally he convinces the two young women to help him destroy the vampires, but he loses his love in the end anyway. It's a pretty downbeat ending and the film itself is full of head scratching moments.

I'm not saying that it's a bad film, but I am saying the French have a way of making films like no other. Also, I usually watch anything with the gorgeous Marie-Pierre Castel, and she has a lot of nude scenes in this and that makes the film much better in my opinion.

I can recommend this to horror fans, but it is not for all tastes, of course.

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