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Monday, March 8, 2021


A totally off the wall film!

A white woman tells her brothers Vance (Mickey Dolenz) and Dan (James Ralston) that she is having a baby and the father is a black man.

Vance is very suopportive, but Dan goes crazy and throws her out. He then has the black man killed by an assassin and the his sister is killed and it's made to look like suicide.

A black priest, Father Jessie (Chuck Patterson) tries to unravel the clues. While this is going on Dan's new wife is killed when a highly poisonous snake bites her in the face after she smells some fresh flowers sent to their home.

Things continue to spiral out of control and Lt. De Vivo (Michael Anthony) is stumped about who is the killer. At the end of the film Vance and Dan confront each other, and then there is an very unusual twist ending that really makes this film memorable.

This shot in New Orleans film is directed by Joy N. Houck, Jr and it really works well. Yes, it's very low budget, but that only helps the film in my opinion. The movie is as timely today as it was in 1972 and it pulls no punches.

I admit it's odd to see Mickey Dolenz in a movie like this, but he does a very good and credible job as the sympathetic brother who tries to understand his sister's apparent suicide.

I would recommend this for any fan of low budget Southern horror.

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