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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


I first got a chance to see this movie when Sinister Cinema released a beautiful print last year.

Now Severin has included a gorgeous remastered print of this Italian classic with English subtitles and if you have seen the Sinister print and thought it was top notch, this one beats it.

A group of violent youths beat up a man by the roadside for no reason then proceed to a strange castle that they find is inhabited by an old man (Christopher Lee) who is actually Mephistoles.

The six people are then trapped inside the castle and their sanity slowly falls apart as they cannot find their way out. The room of mirrors is a standout scene.

There is a lot of bizarre imagery here and sometimes the story is hard to follow, but it's so damned weird that one feels compelled to watch and see what happens next.

The print is excellent and the entire presentation is a credit to Severin. This wonderful film is included in the "Eurocrypt Collection of Christopher Lee".

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED thriller that any Christopher Lee fan should see.

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