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Thursday, July 1, 2021


A bizarre movie indeed.

In a future world where only women rule there is a war going on between scattered tribes and a tribe of mutants ruled over the Reverend Mother (Sheila Howard) and Cobalt (Persis Khambatta).

It seems that Reverend Mother and Cobalt are searching for the last male on Earth so the Revenrend Mother can take his life force and become the most powerful being on the planet. Make sense? ok...

Little do they know that the last male n Earth is a child whose mother is travelling with Phoenix (Kathleen Kinmont), and this starts an almost constant chase which makes up most of the running time of the movie.

This movie does move along quite well, and there are several great set pieces including a bizrrre scene in a graveyard where a cult attacks Phoenix and her companions and they spout lines consisting of old TV shows and such. It's really got to be seen and heard to be believed.

The film was the final one for Persis Khambatta who passed away in 1998 from a heart attack. It's not too bad of a film if you don't take it seriously and most of the scatily clad women are gorgeous.

The rest of the cast includes James Emery, Nina Jaffe and Peggy McIntaggert.

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