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Thursday, July 15, 2021


Another great film in the Severin collection entitled "The Eurocrypt Of Christopher Lee".

I first saw this many years ago as "Terror In The Crypt" and was impressed with seeing it restored and beautiful makes this viewing even better.

Lee stars as Count Ludwig Karnstein who hires a man to come to his castle and delve into his family history. When Friedrich (Jose Campos) arrives he immediately falls for the Counts incredibly sexy daughter Laura (Adriana Ambesi). Laura is always dreaming she is a vampire and the housekeeper believes she is possessed.

Soon a carriage has an accident and a young woman named Ljuba (Ursula Davis) has to stay with the Count and his daughter. Laura and Ljuba develope a special friendship and it becomes clear that Ljuba is more evil than she seems.

This all works it's way to a great little ending that pays off well. This is very loose adaptation of Sheridian Le Fanu story "Carmilla" and yet it still works very well.

The film reeks of Gothic atmosphere and great black and white photography. Everyone plays their part well and I swear to God Ambesi was one of the sexiest women to EVER appear in Italian cinema.

The print from Severin is delicious and I can't see any horror fan not wanting to see this little gem. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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