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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


One of my favorite Andy Milligan films!!

I have written about this film before when it was included on a Sinister Cinema Double feature DVD with "Headless Eyes". This rematered Blu-ray release is the best you'll ever see this film look.

In 1460 the Church Of Lost Souls is run by a demented priest called Father Guru (Neil Flanagan). I say demented because he has a one eyed hunchback named Igor (Jack Spencer) whom he abuses whenever he can.

He also has a resident vampire named Olga (Jaqueline Webb) who seems to not be able to get enough blood. Father Guru lets he feast on the blood of people who wander into the church as well as that of freshly executed "sinners".

This film has tons of sub plots in it's brief 57 minute running time and it races along very quickly. In typical Milligan fashion we have some bad dialogue, a prisoner in corduroy pants, some modern equipment and a motorcycle sitting in the background as two people talk.

These are things that make the film one of my favorites. There is even a scene where Olga has to hold in her plastic fangs as she attempts to drink blood!!. Yes indeed, this film is fun from start to finish. It looks the best I have ever seen it in it's rematsered form from Severin.

I'm telling you, Severin's "DUNGEON OF ANDY MILLIGAN" set is simply a MUST HAVE.

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