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Saturday, July 3, 2021


Severin turned this out a few years ago, but this edition looks a lot better.

This is included in the Eurocrypt Collection and it's a stunner. The color is vibrant and audio is pitch perfect.

Lex Barker stars as Roger Mont Elise, a young man who seeks the answers to his family's history. He is unaware that he is related to a judge who, 35 years ago had a madman named Count Frederic Regula (Christopher Lee) drawn and quartered for his crimes.

He receives an invitation to the Count's castle as does a beautiful young woman named Baroness Lilian Von Brabant (Karin Dor). Tey both decide to answer the invitation and the Baroness brings along her maid Babette (Christiane Rucker). Also joing them on the trip is a man named Pater Fabian (Vladimir Medar) who claims to be a priest.

As they are taken by coach to the castle their driver does not want to make the trip. The coachman (Dieter Eppler) encounters a forest whith human limbs hanging off of trees and soon a haunted forest where he see corpses hanging from the trees. This is perhaps one of the most atmospheric scenes I have ever seen.

The coach is soon stolen by a man who works for the Count and is contains only the women so Elise and Fabian must follow on foot. They all meet at the castle and everyone discovers that the count has been dead for 35 years. His evil servant brings him back to life and the Count tells everyone that his revenge will be complete when he has the blood of a 13th virgin...and guess who that is?

After being told this it becomes a fight for survival for all four of the guests. Not only is the title a great exploitation item, the entire movie moves along so quickly and it never fails to entertain.

I have written about this one before and with this new addition I figured I would again. The set pieces are great and Lee really looks like he's dead in this movie. If you get a chance you have got to see this film!! Severin has done a great job making it look beautiful and that only adds to the enjoyment of this macabre classic.

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