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Saturday, September 11, 2021


I hadn't seen this film in over 25 years.

I used to own a bootleg VHS of this film and found it very interesting. Now Mondo Macabro has come out with a stunning 4K transfer of the film and it is really something to see.

The plot is jumbled and is hard to follow, but damn it's a fun film. Paul Naschy stars as Hector Dorian, a has been actor who lives in a mansion and has his butler, Eric (Howard Vernon) pick up women for his twisted sex games.

His nephew Adrian (Sergio Molina) lives with him and lives in his own fantasy world where various monsters visit him. It's all very odd indeed. Naschy plays all of the monsters which includes Frankenstein, Quasimodo, Mr. Hyde and more.

Gorgeous Caroline Munro is Carmen, the housekeeper that Hector wants to get it on with, but she refuses his advances. Also thrown into the mix is a mysterious killer who slashes the throats of the women after they have played sex games with Hector.

The movie never had theatrical play and has been hard to find for the past 2 decades. It isn;t Naschy's finest hour, but fans will enjoy the film. The plot, as I mentioned, is all over the place and the ending is interesting indeed. Naschy's son Sergio is good in the part of Adrian and it is only befitting that he plays a role with his legendary father.

The Blu-ray has the usual Mondo Macabro trailer reel as well as a "Making Of" documentary and an interview with Sergio Molina. One of the best releases of 2021, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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