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Friday, September 17, 2021


Robert Mitchun stars in this great little western.

Mitchum is Clint Tollinger, a "town tamer" hired by a group of people to clean up the crime which is running rampant.

Lee Sims (Henry Hull) the marshall is ineffective and has no roblem letting Tollinger do his job. Clint finds that the local saloon madame is his old flame, Nelly Bain (Jan Sterling) and this makes things even more complicated.

He begins to seek out the faceless men who rule over the town and during the course of his investigation he is involved in several gunfights with people who work for the hidden men.

Everything comes to a head when it's discovered who is really behind the crime ring in town. This is a very engaging film and there isn't a thing to dislike about it.

Mitchum is great as always and the supporting cast includes Karen Sharpe, John Lupton, Emile Meyer, Ted de Corsia, beautiful Barbara Lawrence and Leo Gordon in a great role as a baddie named Ed Pinchot.

Western fans will enjoy this a lot.

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